Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blessed Thanksgiving

It's been a bit since I have written. We have had a very busy couple of weeks.

Lee's family came to share dinner with us on Thanksgiving and of course we all ate more than we needed but had a wonderful visit!

Yesterday was the biggest shopping day of the year and of course I went out to get a few things. When I returned I did not unload a thing until I first came in and did some gathering up. You see I have been piling things in a little nook in the basement and saying that I was going to take them to the Help Center/Domestic Violence Shelter when I had a minute. Yesterday I decided that I needed to take a minute and I loaded up the car with everything from coats, clothes(many newly tagged), items I had bought through out the year that were on clearance, candles, puzzles, etc, etc. etc......I had the back seat flowing over. I had been planning to do this for quite sometime and now was the best time. The shelters/centers are really in need of things at this time of year to give families for Christmas gifts and for families to get Christmas gifts for their children. If you have a free minute just bag up a couple things and drop them off on your way by.

Last week, Dan and Candice(fabulous couple that live here in town) had dinner with us and we really enjoyed their visit. We do not get together often enough but have promised to do better about that in the coming year.

I did not forget however, I did not post that I broke my toe the first week of November(what I thought was only a toe). When you break a toe it is VERY painful and everything in life changes from the way you walk to how quickly you get the chores finished. Anyway, the toe continued to get NO better so I mentioned it to the doctor when I was in there for my checkup and she suggested an x-ray. To make a long story short, the foot is broken as well as the toe and I go the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. We'll see at that point what further damage I did by waiting to get the foot looked at!

Jeffrey, Meagan and Logan will be here on Thursday from Vermont for a 5 day visit. We miss them so much and are really looking forward to their visit. We are hoping it doesn't get alot colder before they arrive so that we can visit the Nashville Zoo while they are here. We will also go to Opryland to see all the Christmas lights. It will be wonderful. I'll be sure to post pictures for all to see! Take Care!

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