Monday, November 3, 2008

Clocks Changed and Doily Finished

Not sure I'm liking this clock changing business but I guess as long as I live where I do I will act like the rest of the folks around here and change my clocks so I can be....almost on time....most of the time!!

Well....I know I said I would have my doily finished before Church on Sunday but that didn't happen however, I did finish it today. Just so y'all know this is the first and last beaded doily I will ever make if I have to string 600+ beads!! I love to make doilies using any pattern but I do not like stringing beads.

My next projects are these sequin calendars. I have one nearly complete so I'll get busy on that now and hope to post a picture of that in the next day or so.

Take Care and Have a Great Week!!!

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